Make 2015 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

What You Have

Fatigue, Low Energy

Headaches / Migraines
Neck Pain / Back Pain
Menopausal Symptoms
PMS, Dysmennorhea
Frequent Colds, Flu

What You Would Like

Ross Valley Wellness

Perfect Tolerance of Foods / Environment
No More Headaches / Migraines
Pain Free and Full Range of Motion
Free of Hot Flashes, Night Sweats
No PMS, No Pain, Cramping
Strong Optimally Functioning Immune System

I can help restore the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

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Energy medicine tune-up!  Do you find yourself stressed out, exhausted, suffering from allergies, chronic back pain, headaches, migraines, losing your sense of self taking care of everyone BUT you?  Maybe you need an energetic tune-up from Connie Prodromou involving assistance in grounding, clearing your aura, cleansing and balancing your chakras as well as other energetic modalities such as Neuromodulation Technique, BioSET, Bemer 3000 and acupuncture.

Who would you be without your symptoms?  Happy, healthy, full of energy, pain-free- who wouldn’t want that?  By using these various techniques and creating a healing session unique to each individual, Connie’s work can eliminate the physical and emotional blocks that are causing symptoms and preventing you from reaching your full potential.  Mind body medicine at its finest customized for your needs and symptoms for the long run, not just masking the symptoms.

Based on ancient wisdom about energy, it is believed that balanced energy = health and vitality.  There is so much stress these days that continually weaken our immune system and physical body that we don’t even realize how poorly we feel until a serious illness or event occurs to make us stop and take note.

In an ideal world we would be taking care of ourselves all along and never have these problems but in today’s world we are too busy doing other things that we think will give us joy, happiness and health but don’t.  It is only when disaster strikes that we stop and realize what poor physical health we are in.  Don’t wait until this happens, start taking care of yourself now to prevent those wake-up calls.

Connie has been combining several very powerful modalities for 14 years now to help restore people to optimal health and well-being.  Try a session now so you too can experience what wellness really feels like!

Ross Valley Wellness 415. 485.1639