Offered by Connie Prodromou, L.Ac., MIM®
formerly Ross Valley Wellness Center 

Wednesdays starting
April 5
th, 2017 • 7PM–7:30PM Pacific Time
Conference Call number: 712.770.5157
Access Code 104244#


I will lead a Guided Meditation for about 30 minutes to help bring us into present time, unite with each other energetically, and send positive energy into the world.  We will be using a Conference Call number to access this from the comfort of your own home.  Be sure to use a phone that has unlimited long distance to access this meditation.

All people are welcome and NO experience is necessary, only the desire to put our efforts into something positive.

For those interested in giving positive feedback our Facebook page  During the call there will be no discussion in order to keep it within the 30 minutes and keep us on task. 

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this happen!


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Do you have chronic or acute pain in your body?
Are you an emotional train wreck?
Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?
Is your digestive system failing you?

Connie Prodromou | Ross Valley Wellness CenterIf you are unable to find any lasting solutions to these and many more health issues or just want to maintain your wellness, then it may be time to call Connie Prodromou, L.Ac., M.I.M.® of Ross Valley Wellness Center.

In her own unique combination of various energy techniques including BioSET®, Neuromodulation Technique®, Intuition Medicine® and acupuncture or acupressure, Connie has been able to help restore the body’s innate ability to heal itself. These modalities help to restore energetic balance often resulting in increased vitality, more effective immune system, and restoration of overall good health and well-being on the body, mind and spirit level.
Connie works with clients of all ages in a very non-invasive way to gently guide them back to health. Very often clients find her when they have exhausted all other options to no avail and find that her work has profound results on all levels. You have nothing to lose but your symptoms.

Call 415.485.1639 or email Connie at

There is nothing magical about this work, it is just a process of getting things out of the way to be able to see the deeper truths of what has created our lives, our health, and our world. 

Make This Year Your Healthiest Year Yet!